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Oval round haircut school summary

(1) Core course, 36 times of Vidal Sassoon (round) haircut courses
I study 12 basic patterns to a base and I cut arrangement of the volume feel of a material in 12 basic-style next (an effect, slide) and learn Vidal Sassoon (round) haircut. Finally I study the latest haircut not to connect.
(2) All cut perfection master enforcement acquirement courses (a basic-style - men cut, 56 times - 128 times of courses to a volume feel of a material cut)
Master course complete by a standard haircut course, a quick cut course, Sassoon (the yen) cut course, 2 section cut courses, all cuts of the 3D cut course
The details click each following haircut class guidance, and look.
(3) I hold an overseas visit haircut seminar now.
The desired please inform the haircut school of haircut seminar holding in the hair salon owner who wants to hold a haircut class for the staff education of the salon again of everybody of the beautician who wants to learn haircut-style of Japan or the owner of the major company hair salon.
(overseas haircut seminar contents)

{3} Overseas visit haircut seminar
The desired please inform it of haircut seminar holding in Japanese haircut-style or the beautician who wants to learn the perfect haircut of the Vidal Sassoon (the yen) haircut, the hair salon owner who wants to hold a haircut class for the staff education of the salon again of everybody of the barber or the manager developing many stores in a major company hair salon.
Because an interpreter cutting it needs a solution by all means, I am available, and, in overseas haircut seminar holding, Japanese please understand it.
It is a haircut seminar holding> guide on <foreign countries, a business trip (your salon)
I do many stores development, and management is busier and takes in the general owner who is not and the beautician of the beautician owner whom haircut technical education is not readily careful to, a technique new again, and I perform the which I want and an achievement test, and a skill improves stimulation in an anything salon and aims at the rank up of the engineer, and the which wants to expand staff technical education and business, a salary system please use a business trip haircut class by all means.
(until 12 times - 128 times of business trip haircut classes the year) to 20 one number of people
Tax-excluded once 60,000 yen (daily [ approximately around five hours)
Once experience-based course d d 60.000 yen
12 times of course d d 720,000 yen
24 times of course d d 1,440,000 yen
36 times of course d d 2,160,000 yen
56 times of course d d 3,360,000 yen
84 times of course d d 5,040,000 yen
102 times of course d d 6,120,000 yen
128 times of course d d 7,680,000 yen
The amount of money mentioned above is the class price for lump sum payment. The payment in installments becomes the payment that I divide it into a number of times share by installments of by 720,000 yen (tax-excluded) for all courses, 12 times.
One class time around five hours (the text is not included)
Because a consumption tax (5%) was not included all in the class price, had a consumption tax separately; held it; do it.
I have transportation expenses (the limousine price to Oval round haircut school - Narita Airport, the air ticket price to Narita Airport - China), the hotel charges (the hotel price) separately. But approve it because the transportation expenses for the number of people, lodging charges are added because the assistant brings it along together.
(supplement) because there is it in the case of a local class when means of transportation stop by bad weather entirely, and a lecturer becomes hard to come home after the class end when demand the hotel charges from a class holding salon, please understand it.

In addition, about the class contents, I decide it by consultation by the situation of each salon beforehand beforehand.
The above becomes the business trip haircut seminar summary. If there are some any questions, question, please can refer to the following address willingly whatever you want.

(formula homepage site)
(TEL) 0422-21-9771
(FAX) 03-6685-8096
(H,P) 090-1851-7837
(address) 2-15-1, Kichijojihigashicho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, the Sawada Building first floor
To the Oval round cut school secretariat
Representative Yukihiro Kobayashi

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