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※ Voice (question and answer) of the impression of a student attended our Oval round haircut school

★ Private haircut school based on Los Angeles Vidal Sassoon haircut
※ I am original and show a base the ultimate haircut theory that I devised, haircut philosophy and haircut technique by Vidal Sassoon haircut of Los Angeles. It is thought that be received instruction to the part which is small an each person's student thoroughly without minding people in a motto by special education for gifted children in a small number of people system at our haircut school. Therefore I become able to attend all all of you to the beautician technical school life and Assistant beautician life and owner in peace. When I try it once and look by all means, I wait heartily how will be it. (all the lecturers at haircut school)

Q. Because it is a beginner, would you teach it from durability of scissors?

A. (A) was kind, and, at the school of ... here, had teach it carefully from the Japanese alphabet of the cut. Of durability of the scissors, the hair bunch let comb it, and had teach ways of thinking before a thing of a cut such as the flow of the whorl of hair, growth of hair, and, as for the one, the way of the opening and shutting of the scissors and the cut theory, was studied very much by the form of the skull.

Q. Would you teach it from the basics well?

A. (T) ... I was an engineer, but intended to study the foundations of cut well once again, and took lectures. There were many places that were contradiction, and I asked you a question, and an answer came back for all so far. I was able to solve all clearly the answer did not really have contradiction, and to be awakened to the truth. Thank you very much.

Q. The theory of the cut is good and there is not it, but would teach it from a solution?

A. (Y) after asking many times because ... gradation and a theory of the ways of thinking of the layers did not borrow a solution well, had show the style of a completed silhouette, and a solution cut a layer and a difference of the gradation clearly. In addition, thank you for careful advice a lot I let you look good and what kind of visitor should cut the form to.

Q. Would you teach the technique of the swept-up hair style?

A. (S) after the academy finished the attendance of the cut class to hear performing it at the cut school of ... this place, attended the class of the swept-up hair style. In addition, I think because a class of the makeup is to open to attend a basic class of the make soon. Because think that the make is necessary for swept-up hair style by all means; as for the future thanking you in advance.

Q. Would you teach haircut technique to be good abroad?

A. (M), at a school of ... here, attend an international cut course (72 times), and work in a British (London) salon as of now. The cut technique that I studied here is very useful in London. Because there was every race in the foreign countries, it cut a solution not to be used when I did not learn much basic cuts appropriate to the individual. Therefore I made full use of all techniques that I learned at a school of here and came to be able to provide a style in accord with the needs of the visitor. Thank you. In addition, because want to attend a lecturer training cut course if go back to its own country; thanking you in advance.

Q. Participate in a haircut contest, and want to win a prize,; but of a beautician having not yet come because is inexperienced, may even such I place it?

A. (B) of the ... beautician even if is inexperienced, is attended the cut contest participation haircut course of our Oval round haircut school, and learn it by a for a short term intensive training method, and think that is all right if return to the salon besides, and study. Many students please challenge it with confidence so far because it is won a prize. I support you at our Oval round haircut school.

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