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★ New establishment, an Internet correspondence course haircut course: A live image haircut acquisition course of mutual communication by Skype.

★ It is a good news to the Japanese people resident in foreign countries, local Japan or a foreign beautician!
A haircut lecturer watches a good place, a bad place while watching your haircut in a live image of mutual communication using Skype( free of charge) directly and advises it immediately. In addition, the acquisition is the epoch-making new correspondence course haircut course that it is possible for like a thing and most studying at a haircut school of this place because I can make a haircut mimicking the haircut technique while watching the demonstration of the haircut of the lecturer with a picture.

<Internet haircut school lecture contents>
A world first Internet haircut school!
(the personal personal lesson that I can completely learn at home)
※ The live lesson of the cut practical skill image by a video and a text and the Internet aspect each other communication. (the OS of the ※ PC can watch an image in higher than Windows XP.)
☆ In the one of the distant place in Japan and one become to a beautician abroad, what I visit a school, and receive a lesson shows the haircut school one one style by a live broadcasting cut picture class by the Internet aspect each other communication for difficult carefully. Because a lecturer can advise a place or matters that require attention that are wrong while watching a haircut of a student with an image directly on the spot because it is mutual real-time live haircut classes, it is easy to cut a solution and is at all a perfect game personal lesson not to change with what I attend it directly at the place of the haircut school, and learn it almost. (I am cheap, and sale) is necessary for this class in soft (free of charge downloading) of Skype and a camera and a headset (general merchandising store.) I show you the detailed set methods;).

※ The free downloading of Skype please access a homepage address below.

(class contents)
☆ I make a schedule beforehand between day and time of the class. And I perform an Internet live class. (approximately around one and a half hours)
At first I teach the live broadcasting cut of the basic style next after it was looked at a video and a text sent by mail by oneself beforehand by our school.
I cut hair, and a lecturer shows basic-style of the problem of the day first. By the haircut that had you look, a student really cuts hair with a haircut wig this time and advises a place or matters that require attention resembling wrong by a picture and words directly then from the other side of the screen. In addition, I have a lecturer hear it if there are a questionable point or a question at the time, and it is in the epoch-making class system which can solve problems on the spot. (it becomes only the class of the basic style now now.)
(1) Core course, Vidal Sassoon (the yen) haircut basic course (a video, a text, Internet class)
@ 3 basic pattern courses
3 pattern videos (20,000 yen → 18,000 yen reduced price )+ text 1,000 yen)
*9,000 Internet live class (three times) once = 27,000 yen
Collect on delivery fee 1,500 yen + postage 630 yen (the Kanto neighboring) = 2,130 yen
*5% of 48,130 yen = 2,406 yen 48,130 yen +2,406 yen = 50,536 yen (tax-included) in total
A 6 べー chic pattern courses
6 pattern videos (40,000 yen → 36,000 yen reduced price )+ text 2,000 yen)
*9,000 Internet live class (six times) once = 54,000 yen
Collect on delivery fee 1,500 yen + postage 630 yen (the Kanto neighboring) = 2,130 yen
*5% of 94,130 yen = 4,706 yen 94,130 yen +4,706 yen = 98,836 yen (tax-included) in total
B 12 べー chic pattern courses
12 pattern videos (80,000 yen → 72,000 yen reduced price )+ text 4,000 yen)
*9,000 Internet live class (12 times) once = 108,000 yen
Collect on delivery fee 1,500 yen + postage 630 yen (the Kanto neighboring) = 2,130 yen
*5% of 186,130 yen = 9,306 yen 186,130 yen +9,306 yen = 195,436 yen (tax-included) in total
(application for attendance method)
☆ The attendance application clicks here and fills in all the matters necessary for an application form, and please propose it. In addition, please can refer to the following phone number because I accept the direct application over the telephone.
(TEL) 0422-21-9771
(carrying) 090-1851-7837
The Oval round international haircut school secretariat (charge Hoshino)

{payment method}
(1) Because should be the transfer chisel to our cash lump sum payment ... haircut school designation bank account or postal savings bank account; thanking you in advance. (because a bank or postal savings bank transfer paper substitutes for the receipt, I keep it carefully, and please put it.)

(2) At our payment in installments ... haircut school with the card, I handle the following card. It becomes JCB, VISA, a million card, Master Card, diners card, a membership card of a labor union, UFJ card, various cards of American Express Card. In addition, as business formalities charges, 5% of all amounts of money added amount of money becomes the tuition. On the occasion of the division the class price (please transfer price )+ text charges to designated bank mentioned above or Japan Post Bank for the once of various courses by one week of the first class day.) for first one time I pay the money left over in an amount of money deducted for once and, after a visit to a school, file for the settlement. (please bring a credit card of oneself on this occasion.)
※ I inform a bank and the account number of Japan Post Bank by a telephone or an email as soon as I receive an application.
※ Please transfer it by one week of the first class due date.

(3) Because a payment method by PayPal was enabled when I put it towards foreign countries, please talk willingly without the fee hanging because it is possible for payment.

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