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Oval Round International Haircut School 本文へジャンプ
Oval Round International Haircut School:Information

◆Concept of the haircut
As for the form of the natural world, the galaxy which is the earth, the sun, a month and round form winds up a whirlpool in a circle. And the whorl of hair swirls in a spiral in a circle again, and round ovoid grows in the form of the human head. It is thought that the human body has close relation to the natural world in this way. I think that it is the best haircut technique to make a haircut along a flow in the form of nature!
When I take our haircut technique in a round section around middle (G,P) of the head so that the earth goes around the sun when I talk about this haircut technique concretely and I pull a hair bunch radially and cut it, I finish the form of the rough head to a uniform, perfect egg-shaped silhouette and start a voluminous feel besides at the back of the head of the precipice and am the haircut technique that can draw each person's personality to the maximum.
(Oval round haircut school)

★ Cut theory (Theory of the haircut)

Anyone easily puts a circle and a triangle and a quadrangle together and, at our haircut school, becomes able to make an original hairstyle with jigsaw puzzle to put form and form together, and to be completed. In addition, I devise original round (Japanese yen) scissors in the tool, and the line hard to please comes to be able to easily do a haircut, too. The haircut technique that a technique was united with a tool in this way is the haircut school which can easily learn the technique that is a high level in anyone from a basic style. Because I teach the class in a small number of people system, to one, one, I can thoroughly teach it.
※ At first how about if I try it once from the experience-based course?

★Greetings toward the new year(Oval Round International Haircut School)
One character of the keyword of 2013 was one character of "the ring". A ring is originally a round circle. It is thought that the sum, the Japanese-style harmony among Yamato are meanings same as a round ring. Originally Japan is said to be a country (as for the unit of circle and economy of the Japanese flag of the national flag Japanese yen) of Japanese yen. As for our Oval round haircut, an original haircut of Japan was born based on such a thought.
The connection of the circle (orb) is strong and thinks that it is grown in a firm bond and is hard to fall apart. (the form of the circle has a characteristic of external, strong power.) For example, egg-shaped)
I think that it is the best cut technique that can build up the soft silhouette which is hard to collapse of the style even if a maximum voluminous feel and feeling of luster and wind blow in conformity with the form of the head that the technique that the haircut was performed Oval round haircut of equally is round.
Then I pray for the happiness of all of you and development heartily in the New Year.

(all the lecturers at Oval round haircut school staff)

I introduce the latest Japanese new hairstyle which Oval round international haircut school provides.
Please enjoy the latest haircut videos such as the volume, feel of a material haircut, a shaggy haircut, the effect haircut.
(Please watch an animation of YouTube.)

The haircut technique that I calculate a <latest style and a basic style (form)
scientifically and can theorize! >
Creator of the beauty of the (Dear, next generation, beautician, barber)

☆ We announced "ultimate circular haircut" in conformity with a principle of nature in (law of nature beauty education publishing company) in (hair mode company), 1996 in (all beauty company), 1995 in 1994!
※ In the haircut technique that we think about, I think that the proof that it is like a molding theory and firm proof are necessary.
Is universal haircut technique supported scientifically that conformed to a principle of nature which never changes even if any times come not necessary?
For example, a first area is wide, and do one and which form to bend to one and a square and the triangle to bend 20 centimeters of one wire in a circle think that I grow big?
(A. square B. triangle C. circle)
The answer is C. circle. A square becomes triangular next.

※ In form, was supported in this way by a theory; is firm; is characteristic. I make use of this phenomenon and apply it to haircut technique and make up a hairstyle to look good with.
In addition, the best balance of the beauty is said to be egg-shaped (circle, globe). A square and all triangular form will be settled in the circle.
In our basic hairstyle, it is in 12 basic hairstyles which can make a circle and a square and triangular form.
(by the way, there are 12 months one year and becomes circular when I do 1 round so that there is the number of clocks to 1-12.)

(supplement) writing of Mr. art historiographer "Rene Huyghe" understood a thought, a characteristic and power of the form (circle, square, triangle) of each molding from the viewpoint of "form and power", and a first area became wide, and what kind of form calculated it scientifically whether grew big, and proved it. If I apply it to haircut technique based on the phenomenon and put what kind of form together, I support it theoretically the form of the head and the outline of the face look good, or what kind of hairstyle a hairstyle desired looks good with, and haircut technique finally egg-shaped, to bring close is our "Oval round haircut" technique.

From Oval (egg-shaped) Round (circle) Haircut School (the haircut school which always studies haircut technique and a principle of nature)
We glad to see you feature!!

※ You will open a hair salon in the future, and it is to the education system which is ideal in the staff which I unify haircut technical education in the person and manager thinking about haircut technical education and want to educate.
(TEL) 050-7576-1413
(Address) 1-26-7, Sekimachikita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, TK building B1 floor
(E-mail Address) yencutschool_1@yahoo.co.jp

<Oval round haircut school foundation idea>
※ Our haircut school shows a base a basic cut by Vidal Sassoon haircut, but it is difficult and teaches the difficult haircut such as the haircut school of European London, and there is not it by the teaching that only a skillful person can learn and is fast by the haircut that it is difficult how and is the Oval round haircut technique that I researched and developed for many years whether I am easily plain and am taught. In addition, it comes to be possible for a cut a curve line hard to please and a correct straight line are easily fast and can cut it with original scissors (a patent on a practical new device product, reversible scissors) by a way of thinking that a technique was united with a tool and to be tired from a wrist without a burden. Many assistant - beauty, anyone of the hairdressing engineer were easily fast, and we established Oval round haircut school in a motto in what we could learn.

Profile Haircut school summary Overseas haircut seminar and activity introduction
(principal Kenny Kobayashi)
Beauty technical school graduation in Japan
After TAYA hair salon duty, I live over Los Angeles for two years and acquire Vidal Sassoon haircut of Beverly Hills.
After return home, it is announced the original Oval round (the yen) haircut by each magazine company. I went to the United States again three times a year, and every ... held a demonstration for the introduction of original scissors (patent on a practical new device) and the spread of Oval round haircut technologies in Los Angeles Long Beach beauty expo in 1995. I visited it to a salon in Japan and held a haircut class at any time while I served a beautician technical school haircut exclusive belonging lecturer and held Korean (Seoul) China (Beijing) and haircut seminar abroad now.
(1) Core course, 36 times of Vidal Sassoon (circle) haircut courses
★ I study 12 basic patterns to a base and I cut arrangement of the volume feel of a material in 12 basic-style next (an effect, slide) and learn Los Angeles, Vidal Sassoon (circle) haircut. Finally I study a D connection haircut.
(2) All cut perfection master enforcement acquirement courses (to a basic-style - men cut, a volume feel of a material cut 128 times of courses)
★ Master course complete by a standard haircut course, a quick cut course, Sassoon (the yen) cut course, 2 section cut courses, all cuts of the 3D cut course

※ The details click each following haircut class guidance, and look.
★ I hold an overseas visit haircut seminar now.
The desired please inform the cut school of haircut seminar holding in the hair salon owner who wants to hold a haircut class for the staff education of the salon again of everybody of the beautician who wants to learn haircut-style of Japan or the owner of the major company hair salon.

※ The details click a following haircut school summary, and look.

(activity introduction)
① 1995 through 1997
Los Angeles (Long Beach) haircut seminar holding.
② 2002 through 2010
(Seoul) haircut seminar in Korea
③ 2003 ...
(Beijing) haircut seminar in China


Address (reference) History Internet correspondence course haircut course (Skype use)
Oval round international haircut school
1-26-7, Sekimachikita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, TK building B1 floor


(URL) Formally main site

※ A map and the details of the place click the following address, and look.
(the history of haircut school)
Our haircut school devised original Oval round (the yen) haircut by Los Angeles Vidal Sassoon haircut in Maine. And I developed the original round scissors (patent on a practical new device) with it. It was canceled for the inflammation of a tendon sheath of a thumb and the wrist of a beautician taking it by using these scissors. In addition, I came to easily cut the difficult curve and straight line and was able to make up every style creatively.
The above is the summary of the haircut school.

※ The history of the haircut school, the details of the history click the following history, and look.
 ★ It is a good news to a Japanese person resident in foreign countries, local one in Japan or a foreign beautician!
A haircut lecturer watches a good place, a bad place while watching your haircut in a live image of mutual communication using Skype( free of charge) directly and advises it immediately. In addition, the acquisition is the epoch-making new correspondence course course that it is possible for like a thing and most studying at a haircut school of this place because I can make a haircut mimicking the haircut technique while watching the demonstration of the haircut of the lecturer with a picture.

※ The details are Internet correspondence course heakatto of the following box
I click course (Skype use), and look.

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