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Ultimate round haircut philosophy and theory

★Haircut philosophy and haircut theory of the Oval round haircut school

{Ultimate round haircut philosophy and theory}

(Question 1) what kind of shape does the form of the head have?

(Answer 1) it is said to be the round egg-shaped skull basically.

(Question 2) and how does the flow of the whorl of hair grow?

(Answer 2) is round, and the hair grows in it in the letter of a spiral while surrounding a whirlpool in a circle in the same way.

(Question 3) the form of the human body

(Answer 3) form of the all parts of the human body line and face is a round curve, and it

becomes the streamlined line again. I think physical most parts to have no lines of the straight line with a curve.

I was round and thought whether what a haircut did in a curve was the best haircut technique without the form (egg-shaped) of a round head was round and was spiral, and defying it in conformity with the streamline of the frame of a whorl of hair and the face which swirled naturally when I thought from this thing and looked and devised round haircut "technique of the" ultimate.

I think as form of the quadrangular head and do a haircut without the conventional normal haircut technique is all other haircut schools, and regarding the form of the head as a circle (egg-shaped).

Therefore at first I do the haircut of the quadrangular silhouette and round it even if then I cut a corner, but cannot approach the silhouette round forever even if I cut dozens of times by the technique of this haircut. Therefore I do a haircut by a haircut of a check for long time and am tired very much. And a corner stays and collapses in a short term when a hairstyle lengthened because I make a haircut against the roundness of the form of the head besides.

When I pull a hair bunch mainly on middle) of the G,P( head by the way of thinking of the principle of compasses making a round (circle) radially because our round haircut technique is natural and regards the form of the head as (egg-shaped), and a haircut does a circular silhouette from a beginning and do a haircut while turning around, the haircut of a circular silhouette beautiful once is completed. I thought that the method of this haircut could make the round circular silhouette which I was the ideal, and was perfect and developed it.

Therefore I easily reproduce a hairstyle and can make it and come to which direction even if I comb it even if I comb it and the part of the occipital precipice of the head has a long nature and length of the hair, and cut it, and the part of a bee sticking out comes to be cut into short pieces with nature by a forward even if first of all the durability of the hairstyle is good and combs it in reverse for an advantage of the round haircut technique again because a silhouette does not have a corner. I can offer the hairstyle that any person looked really good with in this way.

In addition, I can make a more creative hairstyle by putting the haircut of the quadrangular silhouette and the haircut of a triangular silhouette together in the haircut of a round silhouette to let you match more maximums. There is not it only by a haircut to cut a circle in this way and learns none of the haircut technique that it is possible for in technique and the triangular silhouette which can do a haircut in a square silhouette.

The above-mentioned contents become the concrete summary of round haircut philosophy and the haircut theory. This is over only in the part, but the to be interested in is attended by all means at our Oval round hair school, and how because I can talk about deeper theory and philosophy in the class of our haircut school?

I can learn an ultimate haircut not to change universally to know forever by studying this philosophy and theory and technique of the round haircut even if it is any times. It is "ultimate round haircut" technique without being at a loss entirely.

(In each magazine company, I announced "ultimate round haircut".)

I announce it at all beauty-publishing companies in 1994.

I announce it at a hair mode publishing company in 1995.

I announce it at a hyakunichiso publishing company in 1995.

I announce it at a hairdressing beauty education publishing company in 1996.

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